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Thanks for your interest in my business and portfolio. I'm grateful for the connection, and I look forward to the opportunity to find out who you are and how I can help you with your design or marketing needs.

In the meantime, here is a little more about me: 
My name Alicia Lee Mastrian (but most just call me Lish). The handsome pup next to me is our Siberian Husky, Juneau, who sleeps at my feet for countless hours while I work. 

I'm the founder of my namesake company, Lishalee Designs, based in Denver, Colorado, where I live, work, and enjoy many creative interests and endeavors both for a living and for fun. 

Simply put, I am a graphic designer, art director, content crafter, and copy enthusiast. Looking at the bigger picture, I am an artist and creative at heart, but practical-minded and unfailingly organized. I maintain ties with my fine arts background and enjoy creating custom illustrations or exploring alternate mediums for a project. 

I am a communicator and storyteller, and I love to think creatively to solve problems both visually and in writing.

I have grown to love and appreciate the creative process, just as much as I do the end-results. I find the path I traveled excites me even after I arrive at a final solution . . . Writing, sketching, subtle connections, sticking points, ah-ha moments, and unused concepts are all details, milestones, or mini successes, which are woven into the story of a final product. I believe that these journeys are what fuels my growth and what leads to the most successful results.

I'm a creative writer, and every project I take on starts with words in some form or another. I believe that a great headline can be just as powerful as a great visual and that a great piece of content can turn a customer into an advocate.  Writing, consulting, or collaborating on copy and content are creative pursuits that have grown with me over the years and are now forever parts of my brand and myself. 

I believe that for a good design to be great, the words and visuals need to work seamlessly. I never miss an opportunity to help my clients develop content, write a headline, or offer copy suggestions. 

I am a learner, and take advantage of every opportunity to explore a new skill, brainstorm ideas, or discuss the unheard of. 
I love to build, create, develop, and solve—and live to be a part of all of the nitty-gritty details. 

Whether it is building a brand or a marketing campaign, developing a team of designers or a new extension of services, I find nothing more fulfilling than seeing an idea evolve into something bigger. 

My overall goal for anyone I connect with is to be a thought-leader and provide more than ideas but inspiration. 

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