Digital Billboard Project

Client: The Atacan Group, Keller Williams Philadelphia

My relationship with the Atacan Group began in 2008 through an introduction from a good friend of mine. The leadership that guides this team appreciates creative copy and good design understanding that both translate to good business. Because of this, they are always willing to break away from the standard of mold real estate design, and value my opinion and efforts as a creative professional. We've worked on many projects through the years and have built a dynamic client-designer relationship. This type of connection with a client is valuable to me for many reasons, but mostly because it reflects the overall quality of the finished projects.

This project went through many evolutions (once even switching the orientation of the HD Screen from vertical to horizontal), and I see it continuing to evolve as their brand and needs grow. I'll never forget the day I walked down Walnut Street and was stopped dead in my tracks by the glow of the screen. To me, the screen told the story of months of hard work and collaboration that went into the slides. That was a very proud day. 

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