Millennial Survey Promotion

Client: Alabama Media Group
Roles: Copywriter, Art Direction, Graphic Design

This advertising campaign is part one of a multi-level project for the Alabama Young Professionals Summit (YP Summit). The YP Summit is an annual event hosted by, attracting the brightest young professionals across Alabama. From a sponsorship perspective, The Alabama YP Summit is a great opportunity for marketers and job recruiters to position their company in front of these valuable Millennial decision makers. 

To kick off the event, Alabama Media Group (specifically, crafted an online survey to gather data and opinions from Alabama Millennials. The questions were geared towards understanding how the state’s millennials are living their daily lives and discovering what they want for their future. To generate buzz about the event and survey, my client desired an advertising campaign that would appeal to this young, ambitious, and empowered demographic. The goal of the campaign was to increase the number of survey respondents, and ultimately, YP Summit attendees. All respondents received a discount code for 25% off the Alabama YP Summit. 

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