Lishalee Designs is now based out of Denver, Colorado

Yep, I've moved (again)! 

From 8 years in Philadelphia to a shorter (but equally enjoyable) two year stay in Birmingham — we've changed it up again. 

Although we enjoyed our adventure to the south, we were given an opportunity to choose our next city. This flexibility opened up a lot of possibilities and considerations, but ultimately, our relocation pursuit landed us in Denver.
Why so? Denver is already brimming with many things we love — a circle of dear friends, outdoor activities (we’re skiers, hikers, and runners), aarts/music scene, and great restaurants. We appreciate the public transit, and a bustling airport hub, which will make frequent travel for work or visit family much easier.

I'm continuing to work as a freelance creative professional with a variety of clients nationwide. Multiple cross-country moves have gifted me with at least one client in every time zone — except for my own. I joke that the reason I moved to Denver was for prospecting but it is true that one of my current pursuits is to build a client-partner relationship in the greater Denver area (or at least in the Mountain Standard Timezone).  

When I'm not balancing professional/personal projects and juggling multiple time zones, I'm exploring the land and lifestyle that Denver has to offer.