Creative Content Team

Leading the way to exclusive content. 

I began my journey as a graphic designer at ReminderMedia, publishers of American Lifestyle magazine, in 2007 with the task of generating and designing content for senders of ALM to select for use in their magazine. Some of this content was industry-driven while another type of content I developed was values or interest based.

I would often reach back into my memories and experiences, or pull from my values as inspiration for the non-industry related content. Ideas like "Rock Painting" and other crafts that I remember from my childhood would make their way onto Tear Out Card Designs. The image below shows some content that stemmed from my fitness instructor days at PSU, favorite childhood art projects, and past seasonal endeavors. 

The success of these small-scale additions of seasonal, timely, and interest based content lead to something big—an opportunity to build an in-house Creative Content Team.

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